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February 2, 2018


Heather Pierson Trio




Heather Pierson's head turning band blends rich vocals with stellar instrumentals that are filled with soul.  She can mesmerize you on the piano, the guitar - even the melodica. The Trio is as comfortable and adept with bluegrass, folk, and  jazz, as with songs from the streets of New Orleans to the valleys of Appalachia. Their intricate instrumental arrangements and stirring three part vocal harmonies will delight!


Heather Pierson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, tenor banjo, piano) is an award winning singer/songwriter, with eight previous solo recordings under her belt. Heather is wise beyond her year with an angelic voice and  world class chops that have catapulted her into the spotlight. Joined by the witty, thoughtful, and engaging multi-instrumentalist; Davy Sturtevant, on coronet, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, and gorgeous tenor harmony vocals. 


Also join by; Shawn Nadeau, who brings a rock solid thump of the Bass along with harmony vocals, with nearly two decades of experience. Informed by a wide spectrum of unique rhythmic and melodic sensibilities ranging from rockabilly to reggae to jazz.     


Take a listen:









“Heather is a real triple threat, with great vocals, outstanding instrumental prowess, and stellar songwriting.”
Don Baker | Mountain Spirit Coffeehouse | Asheville, NC






March 2, 2018


Cole, Nakoa and Treacher




April 6, 2018


Nancy Beaudette





A rich pallet of folk and singer/songwriter with a hint of country and a dash of Celtic music – all the ingredients of a Canadian Kitchen Party!

Blending brave and honest songwriting, first-rate musicianship, and a huge helping of native Canadian wit, Nancy Beaudette is an artist of songs and heart. She was raised near Cornwall, Ontario, a place sustained by farming and millwork where French and English languages were friendly neighbors.

Her new CD, “South Branch Road”, delves into those roots, weaving a nostalgic past into lush songs of familial history, good-humored folly and poignant observations of life and loss.


WINNER in the Songs for Peace Competition for her song; “Peace Date”.


“It’s rare to find someone with the level of depth and sensitivity in their songwriting…Nancy stands out above the crowd!”

– Barbara Cloyd, Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN







May 4, 2018


Sloan Wainwright and Glen Roethel




June 1, 2018


Jim Trick